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Identification of potential distributors

Many good brands/products have failed in the marketplace just because they mismanaged this critical element. Siding with the right distributor is half the way to achieving long-term organic sales growth, and Food Connection Europe pays extreme attention to this. We currently work directly with more than 20 of the best food distributors in Europe, and have contacts with many more in all countries in the European region. Through the strong brands we currently represent, we have 100% distribution in both food retail and the foodservice-channels. Once we have established your objectives and product requirements, we will shortlist & interview the distributors that match your expectations. We will recommend the options and you will take the ultimate decision.

Product alignment to European requirements

European custom, packaging language & legal requirements can be cumbersome, and a lot of non-European products fail shortly after they are launched simply because they cannot cope with the complexity. Food Connection will provide all the guidance and co-ordination required to adapt you offering for sales into Europe.

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